Scrub Tech

The scrub tech is responsible for performing scrub duties for surgical procedures, including preparation for, performance during, and clean up at the end of the procedure. Functions under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.



• Selects instrumentation appropriate for procedure. Maintains Physician’s Preference Cards. Pulls supplies for procedures on the day prior to procedure, to assure availability of all supplies.

• Checks room for cleanliness, availability of supplies and equipment, on the day prior to procedure and at the beginning of the day of procedure.

• Open sterile packs and supplies, using surgeon’s preference card for specific requests. Use supplies conservatively and efficiently.

• Scrub hands and arms according to Sterile Scrub Techniques Policy. Dons sterile gown and gloves, maintaining sterile technique.

• Sets up back table and mayo using surgeon’s preference card as a reference for instruments, medications, etc.

• Maintains proper sterile technique when gowning and gloving the Surgeon. Assists with draping of patient and confirms the operative site and procedure with the surgeon.

• Participates in the “Time Out” process.

• Performs sponge, needle and instrument counts with Circulator, if required.

• Labels all syringes, bowls, cups containing a liquid or medication, if not immediately used.

• During procedure: 1) passes instruments to surgeon and the assistant; 2) is attentive to operative area by being alert for breaks in technique; 3) maintains an attitude of willingness to assist with the procedure; and, 4) remains aware of location of all instruments, needles, sponges and specimens.

• Is responsible to assure that all specimens and cultures for pathology are passed off to the Circulating Nurse.

• Assists the surgeon with dressings at end of procedure.

• Breaks down back table. Dispose of sharps in accepted manner. Removes and accounts for all instruments used in field. Assists with transport of soiled instruments, suction canisters and kick buckets for proper cleaning and disposal.

• Follows proper procedures regarding exposure to Category I tasks. Universal precautions /BBP standards are in effect at all times.

• Follows proper procedures for handling hazardous waste materials.

• Prepares soiled instruments for cleaning. Decontaminates and reprocesses in steam autoclave, as needed.

• Takes instruments to work room for reprocessing keeping delicate instruments separated from heavy instruments.

• Puts all supplies away and assists in straightening up the OR, so it is clean, stocked and ready for next use.

• Performs other duties as assigned.


Job Requirements

Current BLS (CPR) issued by American Red Cross or American Heart Association Healthcare Provider.

Able to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing

Surgical Technology graduate required.

Demonstrates ability to stand and/or walk at least five hours per day

Demonstrates ability to lift and/or carry over 25 pounds on a regular basis

Demonstrates ability to push/pull over 50 pounds on a regular basis.

Patient care activities may require the ability to exert force over 50 lbs.



Previous experience in the Operating Room

ORT Certification preferred


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